Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hi All! It's Pam with an update on my progress with Operation Relaunch Career.

Since my last post, I have had a great outdoor session with Andrew Duffy, where he not only helped me to get started on more aerobic training, but also made some valuable recommendations for rehabilitating a hamstring injury that I have been struggling with. I always learn something from Andrew!

Cynthia Fassler from TSS has been very supportive and coached me through my first interview, making recommendations on how to present myself, including what to wear, questions to ask, what personal information to reveal (or not). I felt okay about the interview. I got some feedback that I presented myself with good energy and even came across extroverted (which I am not), however I felt I was too personal and familiar. It occurred to me that in my previous life as a "stay-at-home-mom", I am used to a certain chit-chatty way of communicating which is friendly yet undirected, like striking up a random conversation in the supermarket. What I need to learn is to speak in a more business-like manner, controlling my agenda and redirecting back to my purpose, which is finding suitable employment. Practicing interviewing with Cynthia is definitely helpful. I like her clarity and her business sense!

Additionally, I have been appointments with dentist, Dr. Julie Karnazes, and plastic surgeon, Dr. Dino Ellyassnia, who have so generously donated their services.

Dr. Karnazes office is perched on the top floor of 450 Sutter with breathtaking views of downtown and the bay. What a place to come to work! I was welcomed by her staff, Pamela and Jamie, who were very helpful and kind. Dr. Karnazes herself was extremely thorough, compassionate, and gentle. After examining my teeth, she determined I was a candidate for tooth whitening, so molds were taken, and I am to perform the process at home over a 5 day period. All is going smoothly, except in my enthusiasm I put too much of the whitening gel into the trays the first day and got a mild burn from the bleach! Oh well, now I have skills and have learned. So far the results are looking good!

A few days later I visited Dr. Ellyassnia at his office also at 450 Sutter, this time on the 22nd floor. He works in a beautiful suite decorated with many gorgeous, large pieces of modern art.  I enjoyed the spa-like atmosphere, sipping Pelligrino, as I filled out the paperwork. I was a little nervous, never imagining I'd find myself in a plastic surgeon's office. But Dr. Ellyassnia really put me at ease.

He has a very pleasant, easy-going manner. I had already done my research, polled my friends and family, and had decided to try whatever "injectables" he might recommend. He clearly explained my options and recommended Botox for my forehead, between my eyebrows (frown lines), and on the sides of my eyes (crow's feet) for the best results. He explained that it is important not to overdue the amount of Botox used on the forehead because paralysis of those muscles can make the eyebrows appear to drop or sag too low.  The many (20?) small injections he gave me targeted specific muscles to make them relax, by paralyzing them. It was hardly painful at all, just pricking sensations with an occasional sting, but very tolerable. Right after I did have a few bubbles under my skin around my outer eyes, but these subsided quickly.  I do think it took a day or two for the results to become more noticeable. And the only side effect I can describe would be a taut feeling in my forehead if I try and raise my eyebrows. My impression of myself after the Botox, was that a subtle, yet noticeable change had occurred. I appear more relaxed, less stressed out!

So that's the latest, much more to come. Back to Carmichael Salon tomorrow- I'm looking forward to seeing Russel, Tania and Mick.

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