Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pam's Job Search Update

Pam is well on her way to finding herself back in the work force. Some of the things that we have done to help her achieve her goals are as follows:

<!** Revised her resume and cover letter to better reflect her skills and experience.
<!** Talked about interview questions and how to answer them.
<!** Reviewed various tips and tricks for the job search process for her very specific chiropractic field.
<!** Discussed how her interviewing attire should reflect both comfort and the holistic side of her field  with natural fibers. Also about how she should avoid synthetic perfumes and strong scents.
<!** Follow-up strategies once she’s applied and interviewed for various positions.

So far she’s had two interviews and one offer that was not a good fit for what she was looking for. She is currently submitting her resume for qualified positions that fit her experience. 

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