Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank You Dream Team Volunteers with the Heart & Soul of Gold

Hi Operation Relaunch Career Followers!

This is Marilyn Chelini, a very grateful winner of Operation Relaunch Career.
I know I haven't updated in a while.  It seems like I do so much writing in my work, I don't really want to do too much on  my own time.

But this is a long time in coming. Before I start writing about my progress, I want to recognize each Dream Team volunteer individually, as they are giving their time and product/services without charge.  All to make a difference in MY life.  This is just a awesome opportunity which I have been given.  I hope these words express how I feel about entering and winning this contest.  In one word, WINNING!

Thanks to Russel Thompson and Angela Berk of the Carmichael Salon.  Angela has changed my hair forever, along with my buddy Mick Aguilera (you'll always be Mickey to me!) Sandy Hinojosa, Rebekah Nummer, Tania Aragon, Nikko Villanueva and Yvonne Franklin. I love you guys!

Andrew Duffy, CPT...what can I say about Andrew.  Patience of the Saints and motivates me to be the best I can thru diet and exercise.  What a nasty word "diet" is!  Before coming to Andrew, I had a broken leg at the end of 2009.  After nine weeks in a cast and put into a walking boot, I fell down my stairs and shattered my heel, ankle, and tore Achilles Tendon and broke my arm.  After surgery to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, 6 months of PT, I had to wear ortho shoes when walking. Now I workout with my EasyTones!  I feel great! Andrew, you're the best!!! Big Hug!!

When I met up with Cindy Fassler, she understood what I am going to achieve.  After 30 years doing Operations/Business Development, I want to get a law degree.  Cindy took my resume and picked out the things that would help me in my career change.  Cindy is marketing me as a "law assistant" while I start school again. Team TSS is a very special employment placement company.  Just the best.

Dr Julie Karnazes, cosmetic Dentist, whitened my teeth.  I had trays from several years ago so Dr. Julie provided me with product and x-rays.  They have whitened.  I need to drink coffee from a straw now.  Thank you very much Team Julie Karnazes (Never mind that I got towed by the Municipal Transit Authority after my last 20 minute appointment with Julie-$575.00 to get my car back!).

And Micki Turner, you really did give me a lot to think about.  I thought you were going to suggest a blue business suit.  Yuck!!!! Not me at all.  You were able to recognize my "style or lack thereof" but what makes me feel comfortable.  I will definitely contact you when I "dress for success.!  Thank You!

To Dr. Jeannie Tsai, you're a sweetheart.  I had some trepidation about fillers and botox, but I trusted you so I just went for you.  You told me I had good genes with minimal wrinkles and good bone structure.  I am so pleased as t the way my face looks.  So subtle that no one notices, except me.  You team is just awesome!

The last member of the Dream Team is Dr Dino Elyassnia, who I will be working with soon.

All of the people I mentioned are selfless and believe in this program.  I cannot begin to thank all for making me feel good about myself.  Of course, I am a work in progress.

On a final note,  my progress is so much more my internal image has improved so much, the external image follows.  Even when my bro tells me I have a "puffy face" (and I don't) I take it in stride.  I don't expect to look like what I did in high school, but to accept my age and do the things that make me feel better.  (and I love it when people assume I'm in my 30'S)  Now that's WINNING, DUH!!
Signing off for now,

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