Friday, February 18, 2011

Eva Shinn's Update

Wow  . . . last week was a whirl wind!  My week started out just like any other . . . with the very long mental list of things to do; maintaining my household inside and out, job hunting, my workouts, apartment/storage research, EDD workshops, and helping a cousin with her ill mother.  Sometimes life seems so very overwhelming, and hopeless. 

My meeting with Andrew Duffy this week focused on being committed to myself.  He has helped me to realize that no matter what is going on in my life, I need to fit in at least 45 minutes of exercise and stretches, four days a week and that by doing so, it will help me both physically and mentally (relieving stress).  Andrew made some additional suggestions to help me find time in my day to do my stretches and encouraged me to keep up the good work.  The eight pound weight loss is feeling great!
Working with Cynthia Fassler we also discovered I was very overwhelmed with the process of finding a job and we discussed ways to improve on making time during my busy days to focus on the job searching and rewriting my resume so that it better represented me.  At Cynthia’s suggestions, I cleaned up my resume, rearranged it to flow better, and added some very key information that would “pop” when read by a potential employer.  We also did some role playing and discussed ways to improve my interviews; asking myself some of the questions that would be asked of me and practicing with my responses. 
Then there’s the issue of my overall self-esteem. Russel Thompson and Tania Aragon with the Carmichael Salon have worked with me by changing my hair style to better frame my face and have added highlights and color to compliment my overall look; Tania helped me by showing me different ways to work with my hair and to see that all I needed to do is give it a bit more effort and my hair could look really great!   
Well, with all that said, I am very happy to announce that I have accepted a job offer!  I began my job over a week ago and am so very excited to be back to work.  As you can read in the previous posting, Cynthia was very instrumental in guiding me with the process of finding a job.  Her years of experience and knowledge in pursuing a job, helped me to organize my job search so that I could be more efficient and productive in looking instead of feeling frazzled and frustrated.  When you are competing with hundreds of potential applicants, being prepared and doing your research is very important.   
Winning this makeover has been a wonderful experience; working with Andrew, Russel and Cynthia has been so rewarding.  We have been given the tools to work with by all and it has been a fun and exciting experience, but it didn’t come without being committed and getting through a little homework with each visit.  Having wonderful professionals to stand by us, cheer us on and see the potential in each and every one of us has given us the strength to stand on our feet and to push forward.  

A simple “thank you” in my eyes is not enough to express the gratitude I have in my heart for making this possible. I look forward to completing this journey and meeting with the rest of the ORC team to complete my makeover.    

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