Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Week Three with Eva Shinn

I can’t believe it has been three weeks now working with the Operation Relaunch Career team.  My hair is looking great, my confidence level is building, and my pants are starting to feel a bit loose!  
I met with Russel Thompson of the Carmichael Salon, to have some color treatments added to my hair and I have to say . . . . I LOVE IT!  Russel took great care in making sure that it turned out exactly as we had discussed and I was very impressed by the way he knew exactly how to achieve this.  He is a true master when it comes to hair color.  After processing, Tania Aragon worked her magic once again and had me looking great by the time I left. 
Wednesday, I met with Andrew Duffy, reviewed my diet, discussed areas to improve on and worked through my assigned stretches from the previous week to ensure that I was doing them correctly.   I did not lose much weight this week,  but instead gained some stamina as I mixed up my walking routine with some jogging along with some core strengthening exercises and stretches. 

It was a very exhausting week, but well worth it.  I continue to work on self discipline and budgeting time to get my workouts in each and every day.   Having battled my weight most of my life I am determined to find some inner strength and energy to do this for me to improve on my overall self image.  After loosing 6 ½ pounds,  which at first didn’t seem like much until Russel compared it to a bag of dog food, I find myself standing taller and feeling more confident in my skin. 

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