Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Marilyn's 3rd week by MEC

Hi, Marilyn here. I will be turning 52 on Super Bowl Sunday - woooo hooo!!! I still think I'm 35 and can do anything. Working with Andrew has shown me I can get there (maybe not 35 but not 52!!!) again. I am so used to doing what ever I wanted, but I had let injuries and other life's challenges get the best of me. No More, I degree!!

My youngest son just turned 9. I am a "Football Mom." Maybe I'll never have the flexibility I had as a gymnast, but I can have a stronger core. After having 4 kids by c-section, my abs still have muscle under to excess flab. I am determined to get back to health, despite parts of my body ( chronic arthritis in my hands ) saying "nay." I really FEEL much younger and that is where I am most comfortable.

Thank you Andrew and the entire Operation Relaunch Career Team. I'm doing this for ME!!

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