Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pamela's Day of Beauty

Hello everyone, this is Tania Aragon, one of the stylists at Carmichael Salon, and I've been working with Pamela Mulvey. During our first consultation I discovered that she is very easy going and is a free spirit, and with that information I wanted to match her hair to her personality.

First, I started with her haircut, keeping the length and spicing up the layers, framing her face just right and then giving her some fringe which looks amazing on her. I also gave her some new styling tips so she can look professional for the business world, or "edgy" when she wants to go out for a night on the town.

When coloring Pamela's hair I deepened her all over color, giving it more tone and shine. I then gave her some subtle highlights, framing and complimented her face and her new haircut.

And to help give her eyes a further glow, I shaped and tinted her eyebrows. Beautiful!

I had so much fun working with Pamela and giving her a refreshing new look to help relauch her career, and look forward to seeing her again soon.

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