Thursday, January 20, 2011

The First Two Weeks of Personal Training With the Winners

Our three contest winners, Marilyn, Pam, and Eva have such different stories, and I've found that they need my help in different ways.  But here's how I've helped these inspiring women lose over six pounds in one week:
Physically, Marilyn has gone through a lot in the last few years, including chemotherapy, a mastectomy, a surgery in an ankle to repair broken bones, and a broken arm.  That's a lot for the body to go through in a short period of time. But in two hours I've worked with her, she's shown me that she won't let those obstacles take her down.  She's a survivor, she's a warrior. 
Last week, during our consultation, she and I discussed the importance of adding vegetables and protein in her diet, and she has willingly obliged.  In one week, Marilyn has already lost two and a half pounds, thanks to dedication and follow through.  She admitted that hasn't been perfect, and that's ok.
In terms of exercise, we've added some cardiovascular work to not only help her her body feel better but also to help her psychologically feel better.  She has a lot on her plate, and I think that the last thing we need to do is overcomplicate her to-do list.  So, we've added a few effective stretches to help her regain her posture after her injuries along with some complimentary exercises that she is able to at home with little equipment. 
I have a good feeling that Marilyn will reach her goal of losing twenty-five pounds by the end of March.
When we first met for the initial assessment, Eva knew that she had to make some changes for her health, emphasizing that she needs to lose weight.  She said that she wants to feel confident in her body again.  Confidence is a MAJOR key in how we present ourselves, especially during job interviews, which is where this makoever project is focused.  So, we got down to brass tacs and agreed on a weight goal and plan to help her get there by the end of March.  Well, she is on a great pace to reach her weight loss goal of 20 pounds - has lost four pounds in one week after applying just a few diet tips in addition to walking daily.
Like most mothers, Eva has put her family before herself, and diet is one of the areas that she felt she's lost focus with.  So, we talked about better eating habits, including fresh vegetables and fruit every day, and eating smaller meals throughout the day.   

And, like Marilyn, she wasn't perfect with her diet.  I called Eva on Friday to wish her a happy birthday (we share a birthday, January 14th), and she was honest, telling me she had some cake and unhealthy foods.  But she applied some important concepts we had discussed: she controlled her portions, she made sure she had the healthy options at other meals during the week, and she made clear progress.  After all, she lost four pounds! 
Her walking frequency and length has also increased, and this week we added some stretches to help her relax.  Eva breaths with her shoulders (also known as "stress breathing", or using muscles that increase tension in the shoulders, chest an neck), a habit typical of anyone with high levels of stress.  So, we worked on relaxing her shoulders, breathing with the diaphram, and easing into stretches designed to release stress in her shoulders and neck.  We'll see how helpful the stretches and breathing tips are next week!
Pam is bit different than Eva and Marilyn.  During the movements assessments, she was impressive.  She has a very healthy bodyfat percentage and lean body that many of my clients try to achieve.  Her flexibility and core strength are excellent.  But she doesn't do any formal strength training or cardiovascular activity.  So, Pam needs to improve upon the exercise she is currently doing with new activity.
As a woman over fifty, lack of strength training and cardiovascular stimulus put Pam at risk for osteoporosis and diseased related to the blood, circulatory system, and lungs.  But Pam has really a solid foundation to work with.  So, we are focusing on developing for her a strength routine that includes complex and integrated exercises that pack both strength AND cardio training into one exercises, giving a real punch in a short amount of time.  After her second session, we've been able to build a challenging routine.
Pam also knows that her diet can improve with more fruits and veggies in place of processed foods.  (After talking with Eva, Marilyn, and Pam, I think it's fair to that mothers as a general rule eat less fruits and vegetables because their children don't like them.)
She comes off as very centered and able to manage any type of situation well.  As a yoga teacher and chiropractor, she knows a lot about the body and how to move. She is a great listener, and I know that she will be stronger and healthier in three months.

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