Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winners Start Their Make Over

I first want to thank all that attended our winners party at the Huntington Hotel.  The venue was lovely and the staff at the Huntinton couldn't have been more accommodating.  The winners Eva Shinn, Pamela Mulvey and Marilyn Chelini were lovely and so gracious in sharing their experiences.  I think by putting this out in the press and the world we may inspire more men and women to step forward and ask for help. 

We also hope that more business professionals will contribute their time to the unemployed to help put them in a better position to be hired.
Eva and Pamela came in this week to start the hair part of their make over.  We consulted with them and came up with a long term plan for their hair.

Eva -  We reshaped her hair a little and are letting it grow in certain areas so that the overall look will be more flattering to her face shape.  We make a future appointment for her to have color.  We will be doing a light stain around her face to blend the grey hairs and adding highlights at eye level, in the fringe and jaw area.  These will be stategically placed to soften the strongness of her jaw and bring attention to her beautiful brown eyes.

Pamela - We brought of the length of her hair and did some invisible layers to give more volume to the shape to accomadate her long thin face and bring out her best features.  She left with a haircolor appointment....more to be revealed....

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