Thursday, January 27, 2011

My first 3 weeks as a ORC contest winner

Hi!  My name is Pamela, and I have had the good fortune to be selected for a relaunch career make-over! My sister Wendy nominated me without my knowledge, so you can imagine the shock! But now I must say I am more in awe! Everyone I have meet through this project has been so supportive and generous. Good people with good intentions.

We are already three weeks into this process, and a lot has happened!

The press conference at the Huntington Hotel was very exciting. I'll never forget the three of us, Eva, Marilyn and I, standing on that chilly Nob Hill street corner, happy and hopeful, having our "before" pictures taken.

I have met with Andrew Duffy, the personal trainer, three times. His professionalism and knowledge base have truly impressed me.  He has targeted the areas where I need to build strength, and has quickly developed a program for me to follow at home. All I needed to get was a 55 cm. exercise ball and a few free weights, which is so doable... now I just have to do it, which I admit is easier with Andrew's encouragement.

I am also making some overdo changes to my diet (more fruits and veggies, less refined carbohydrates), and encouraging my kids to do the same. We joke, "What would Andrew say about eating that.."  This is my first experience working with a trainer, and I can really see the benefit of working closely with a professional who motivates you and keeps you on task. As a trainer, I find Andrew to be very holistic (which I appreciate), discussing not only strategies for diet/nutrition, but also setting priorities in life and time management.

My two visits to the Carmichael Salon have been really successful, first for cut and then for color. Tania Aragon has been a joy to work with!  She really listened and gave me exactly what I wanted. I chose to keep my hair shoulder length and layered, but I must be feeling more confident already because I'm wondering if I should go even shorter.

The second appointment for color was so incredible. I felt totally spoiled with color, highlights, and glazing. And she did a really nice flat iron styling; it lasted for days, which amazed me! I love how healthy my hair looks now. Russel, Mick, Tania and all the people I have met at the Carmichael Salon exude such warmth and kindness! Can't wait to go back.

So tomorrow, I meet with Cynthia Fassler, the job counselor,  to discuss my future.

 To be continued...

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