Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My first two weeks as a winner of ORC

Hello, my name is Eva Shinn, and I was selected as one of the three winners of the Operation Relaunch Career contest.  I have to say that the past two weeks have been amazing.

I started my journey by meeting with the Carmichael Salon and working with their amazing staff.  I have received a haircut by Tania to reshape my "out of control" hair and bring it back to life!  Tania also showed me different ways to manage and work my own magic on my hair.   This week I will receive some hair color enhancements and I can't wait to see the final outcome.  Compliments are already coming my way!!!  And some confidence too!

I have also worked with Andrew Duffy, our personal trainer who again has been absolutely wonderful.  It's amazing what a bit of discipline, support and motivation in your life will do for you.  He has worked with me to get me on the right path with eating habits and exercise and I have to say . . . . I FEEL GREAT! 

A four pound loss in the first week and I'm very excited, motivated and ready to loose more!  I'm eating better, feeling better and can't wait for "weigh" in this week!  But most importantly, I am already starting to feel so much better; less stress, more energy and the confidence level is building.

Along with meeting with the Salon and Andrew, I have also had the opportunity to meet with job counselor, Cynthia Fassler, who has given me some direction with my resume and provided me with some tools to make life less stressful looking for a job; helping me to manage my days to lessen the overwhelming pressures and stress of looking for a job. 

Many thanks to all of you!

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