Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meeting with Eva, Week 3

Eva has put in the work on her diet yet again, losing another two pounds. 
One of our focuses this week is to maximize her time spent working out.  She is used to walking for about an hour to get some exercise, and today we discussed that she can effectively do the same amount or more work in a half hour of interval training, mixing in some jogging with walking.  This way, she'll have more time to work on flexibility and strength for a more comprehensive workout...all within an hour. 

We also added some core stability exercises that will compliment her stretches to improve her posture and better represent her building confidence.  Why?  Because when communicating with other people, whether it's during an interview or hanging out with friends, posture really does say a lot about how a person maintains and carries themself. 

Keep it up, Eva!

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